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January 10, 2020

Paris Doors

December 12, 2019

A stroll through the City of Lights offers a full array of experience; the aroma of patisseries, street vendors with carts overflowing with fresh flowers, and elegance of the French language all around. Throughout the city culture is in all of the details. Dating back to the Third Century, there are thousands of years of history to experience. One of my favorite pieces of this history is expressed through the doors of Paris- an entryway into the past.

Much of the city’s architecture touts neutral tones, making the colorful doors a natural focal point. But beyond their color and detail, they offer a look into the craftsmanship of years past and tell the story of how the city came to have the cohesive Parisian style. In the 1800’s Napoleon III appointed Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann to implement the strict building codes and regulations. The goal was to create a standard for the city that would be a beacon of architectural appeal for years to come. The doors are one representation of this high standard of architecture.

Some are simple while others are extravagant works of art. The styles of these doors tell about the history of Paris. As you walk across the 20 arrondissements of Paris, you will discover Gothic, Renaissance, Haussmann and Art Nouveau architectural elements.

All styles capturing my heart and imagination drawing me to Paris time and time again. The next time you travel to this treasured place take note of the hand carved history of the colorful Parisian doors. Sharing a few of my favorites below.

Holiday Place Settings

November 18, 2019

As the Holiday season draws near, we have contemplated what it means to gather. Aside from beautifully adorned tables, timeless dishes and home cooked meals, it is a time to be with those we cherish most. To honor that, we have compiled some of our favorite dishes and table setting ideas to prepare for gatherings large and small. Whether it is a night with you and your spouse, or Thanksgiving dinner with 100 of your closest relatives, we hope you find inspiration in the table settings we have created. And above all, we wish you joy and peace this Holiday Season- may you enjoy every moment spent with those dear to you...

Table Setting One

Salad Plate: Parkland Accent Plate Wedgwood

Bowl: Parkland Oatmeal Bowl Wedgwood

Dinner Plate: Convivio Dinner Plate Match Pewter

Wine Glass Small: Red Wine Glass Match Pewter

Wine Glass Large: All Purpose Wine Glass Match Pewter

Table Setting Two

Dinner Plate: Spode Woodland Series Dinner Plate

Salad Plate: Spode Woodland Series Salad Plate

Table Setting Three

Silverware: ETU Home Silver Plate 5-piece setting

Dinner Plate: Spode The Blue Room Collection Dinner Plate

Cocotte: Staub mini round cocotte

Table Setting Four

Silverware: ETU Home Silver Plate 5-piece setting

Glass: Match Pewter DOF glass

Dinner Plate: Royal Stafford Hayride Black Dinner Plate

Salad Plate: Royal Stafford Hayride Black Salad Plate

Bowl: Royal Stafford Hayride Black Cereal Bowl